Focus Problem with Sigma Macro Lens

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Focus Problem with Sigma Macro Lens

Post by VXero » 17.10.2018 12:58

I have a Sigma 150 F2.8 EX HSM Nikon MT lens on a Nikon 5100. The Sigma lens will autofocus when I use the viewfinder, but when I switch to Helicon Remote, it will not focus properly. Instead, when I press focus, the lens moves only one slight step. Each additional time I press the button halfway, the lens moves another step in the same direction.

NOTE: This is not strictly speaking a problem with Helicon Remote, because it does the same thing when the monitor screen is turned on and the camera untethered. In that case each time I press the shutter release button halfway it only moves the focus a small step, as if it were somehow programmed to take stacked photos.

I have a Nikon DX VR AF-S Nikkor 18-55 mm lens, and it focuses fine through the viewfinder, monitor screen, and Helicon Remote.

Any ideas on why this is happening and what I can do to correct it?

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Re: Focus Problem with Sigma Macro Lens

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 18.10.2018 10:33

We don't have the answer to this, perhaps someone else with the same lens with the same lens will chime in.

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