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Re: Canon EOS R

Post by BMckie » 07.04.2020 22:31

Hi All just registered as I have spent the day looking up software to stack photos for macro :D and this comes out on top
I was just about to purchase it and though Id check out the forums as I didn't see the EOS-R on the list.

good job I did
so first off I have had the EOS-R for a year now so not going to change it saving up for the new RF lenses but like many I use the canon EF100L F2.8 macro with the EOS-R adaptor works great.

I don't have Photo shop or a Lightroom and as the Raw files CR3 will most likely be a format used in all new canon inc the new 1dxIII and the new EOS-R5 when it comes out
I would have thought this would be something that needs to be sorted without moving files from one software to another.
I was going to go for Pro as it has more included in the package.
I do like the look of the remote but that's not me at this time as most of my photos will be by hand and at first just taking 4 or 5 photos for better Death of field it would save be using F16 and may be F4 or F8 .

I know you have loads of other stuff you are working on and this may not be a just one more but for me this is a Make or break if I buy this software or Not as if I need to get photoshop first I could have got a new lens for the price of both software

as you may have worked out I am not a pro just a hobbyist looking to get better picture ( Art )
Thank you for all your hard work :D just adding another to the EOS-R :D

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Re: Canon EOS R

Post by Ant73 » 05.05.2020 13:12

Hi, I am about to buy an EOS R. Please can you advise when there will be compatibility? Interested in the remote side as the stacker will work via Lightroom plug in I think.

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Re: Canon EOS R

Post by oleg333 » 14.05.2020 20:34

BUMP! Still waiting for EOS R support. This can't be that hard
oleg333 wrote:
26.02.2020 20:13
Hello Helicon Team

It looks like there are quite a few people looking for Canon EOS R support, we have all paid good money for this application and expect the application to work. Is there any way you can speed up the process on adding Canon EOS R? At this point I can't do my job because the app does not work with my camera. I heavily rely on this application for my workflow and at this time I can't even get my work done. Please put some urgency on adding the EOS R


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Re: Canon EOS R

Post by diksouan » 27.05.2020 17:03

Add me to the unhappy customer list. Just bought EOS R, did not check HR compatibility :| I had no idea you did not yet support the 2 year old camera. Please hurry!!!

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Re: Canon EOS R

Post by diksouan » 10.07.2020 14:25

Thanks for the HR beta for Mac. Seems to work using EOS R. Will R5 & R6 also be supported?

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Re: Canon EOS R

Post by madking426 » 12.07.2020 07:33

Could you please send me beta for testing with my EOS-R and my coming EOS-R5? Thanks a lot! I’m using Mac.

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