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Shutter Delay

Post by RichJ » 10.11.2018 03:03

Using HR (current android version), there is an excessive delay (several seconds) between shots. I cannot find a reference to this in the manual, or in the app settings.

MUP is not set on the camera (D850). The '"Shutter Delay" setting is not set.

Is it possible to reduce this (to be similar to the camera's built-in Stacking operation of zero delay)?


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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Shutter Delay

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 12.11.2018 19:43

No, unfortunately, it's not possible, there's no such function in the camera body's remote control protocol. Several seconds is pretty much the best you can get, maybe 2.5 seconds after optimizing all the settings, not faster.

Lamar Watson
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Re: Shutter Delay

Post by Lamar Watson » 03.12.2018 23:51

I think the camera has no such function, unfortunately.

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