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Canon and Stackshot

Posted: 15.11.2018 23:04
by Rayban
Can i work without any cable except power? Now i have canon 6D connect Helicon remote (Live view working and camera is visible in camera settings) and Stackshot rail. I am don't sure what to do next? I am also connect Stackshot wifi but cannot run rail? Can i run rail from Helicon Remote?

Re: Canon and Stackshot

Posted: 16.11.2018 12:36
by Stas Yatsenko
We don't support Wi-Fi control for Stackshot right now, you need a USB cable. We will probably support it in the future.

Re: Canon and Stackshot

Posted: 17.11.2018 15:56
by Rayban
Okei, thanks. Hope that we get wifi support soon.