helicon remote with wemacro rail.

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helicon remote with wemacro rail.

Post by resindog63 » 28.11.2018 07:51

Hi ok i have the helicon remote and wemacro rail, now i know you can use the helicon remote with the wemacro rail i have connected them and it shows the wemacro is connected in the camera box(top right). but it only lets me do a few commands, the camera view shows up on helicon, it lets me do a single shot , focus, pretty much everything but when it comes to setting the stepping with the arrows the rail just moves a long time even with the micro adjustment of on arrow, and it wont put in the intervals or steps, so if i push start shoot it tells me it cant because i need to set distance (from A to B ) but it wont let me. i have a nikon D810 and use the latest windows and a tokina lens, i tried a tamron lens but no different, is the nikon D810 compatible?? all the connections are right i believe, so for now i can only use the wemacro software,

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: helicon remote with wemacro rail.

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 28.11.2018 12:12

So the problem is that Wemacro rails only performs very large movements, longer than you need? If that's the case, go to Helicon Remote preferences -> Wemacro and reduce the "Size of focusing steps". That's the size of one step, which is the steps performed by the < / > buttons.

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Re: helicon remote with wemacro rail.

Post by vkams » 25.11.2019 12:11

Добрый день!
Нельзя ли увидеть схему подключения компьютера с Helicon Remote, фотоаппарата и установки Wemacro rail? Будет ли программа показывать LiveView? До сих пор я использовал простейшую схему управления: программа связывалась с фотоаппаратом через USB, а вот как работает вместе с Wemacro или StackShot - непонятно. Извините, ссылку не нашёл.

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Re: helicon remote with wemacro rail.

Post by Catherine » 27.11.2019 15:45

Добрый день! Вот схема для Stackshot, и для Wemacro она идентична:

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