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HR to P/S CS6?

Posted: 19.01.2019 05:47
by hamongnguyet
Hi, Is it possible as I use a windows computer tethered to Helicon Remote once the images are finished rather than send to Helicon Focus send them out to Photoshop as DNG files or do you have to save first? as I always get the option to open in Helicon Focus and I want to work on the DNG file rather than a TIFF.

Re: HR to P/S CS6?

Posted: 21.01.2019 13:10
by Stas Yatsenko
Helicon Remote saves the images in the format that the camera shoots in, as if you downloaded them from a memory card yourself. You can then take the folder and do anything you want with the images, but there is no complete integration with PS nor any other software except for Helicon Focus.