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5d3 to iPhone 6s+

Posted: 29.01.2019 22:07
by 83XX83
Hello I have a problem connecting the app to the iphone.
The 5d3 is connected to an iphone with an OTG adapter.
When I turn on the camera, the photo app will start to import the images from the map.
But when I go to the Helicon Remote APp only camera is not connected (Kamera nicht verbunden). What am I doing wrong?
Hope you can help me
many Greetings

Re: 5d3 to iPhone 6s+

Posted: 30.01.2019 12:30
by Stas Yatsenko
Hello, USB connection is not possible on iOS, only Wi-Fi (we even say this in the very first line of the app's description). This means that the only way you can use 5D Mark III with the iOS version of Helicon Remote is Canon WFT-E7A adapter.
But USB works on Windows, Mac and Android.