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HDR Shooting speed.

Posted: 20.02.2019 21:23
by cameradork
Im looking to try out Helicon Remote for the wide range of EV it can give me in a bracket (24 Ev) . I have tried other wifi based apps and find they are way too slow for what I need (HDRI environment maps for cgi) In general the other apps give me about a 4 second delay between each shot, as opposed to the rapid bracket the camera comes with. Is Helicon via USB faster than Wifi?

Ill be using this with a Nikon D800E.

Re: HDR Shooting speed.

Posted: 21.02.2019 12:05
by Stas Yatsenko
No, it's about the same speed, 4 seconds between shots. What the remote control apps are doing cannot be done any faster.