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Stackshot Movement

Posted: 02.03.2019 05:13
by mellomade

I've been having a bit of trouble finding information on calculating the precise interval for the Stackshot device. I wonder if someone might be able to confirm some things for me. I am using a microscope objective with a Nikon 850 so the usual advice of use the DOF calculator does not apply.

If the Stackshot (by default) moves 1.5875mm per revolution - I am looking for how many 'microsteps' in the HR software to set so that each interval moves the minimum step size for the Stackshot - 1 micron. According to Cognisys - the device moves 3200 microsteps for each 1.5875mm. Does this microstep value equate to the setting in the preferences for 'Size of focusing steps' set to microstep? If so - then theoretically 2 microsteps = 1 micron of movement?

If that is incorrect can someone point me in the right direction? Also - when I set this value I don't hear the Stackshot kick into high precision mode like I should.

Sorry for the rambling....

Re: Stackshot Movement

Posted: 06.03.2019 12:40
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, the microstep in Helicon Remote is the same as the microstep in Stackshot. Not sure about high precision mode, we'll check the Stackshot documentation and reply on that later.