File increment does not rollover, causes Preferences to beachball

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File increment does not rollover, causes Preferences to beachball

Post by bengineer »

Mac version 3.9.7

If using [counter] or [file_counter] in the file name, once the counter hits 999 it will not rollover to 1000. At this point it will still trigger the camera, but will fail to save the photo.

Also when this happens, if you try to open Preferences in the app the app will beachball and you will have to force quit it.

Furthermore, if I manually edit the HeliconRemote2.ini file to provide General\FileNaming\CounterValue=10000 the problem will persist. Which seems to indicate to me that the underlaying code is not able to handle a counter value greater than 999. This seems to be a very big shortcoming, and also very troublesome that it just bricks the app when you try to go to preferences to, say, reset the counters.

I am using Helicon in an automated workflow, so I just want the filename to increment each time a new photo is taken. My workflow is looking for new photos based on the filename. Having a limit of 1000 is pretty silly.

My workaround here (once I got the app to open preferences by manually editing the .ini file) is to just use MMHHMMSS as the string in the filename. We're not taking more than 1 photo every second so this should suffice, and we clear the photos out every couple of hours.

I would suggest:
1) allow file counter increments to be greater than 999.
2) rollover the file counter from the max back to the min in the case of hitting the max - don't just brick the app
3) preferences should NOT be bricked


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Re: File increment does not rollover, causes Preferences to beachball

Post by Stas Yatsenko »

Thanks for the detailed report. We've fixed this already in the version 3.9.8 which is available on our website:

1000 is not a hard limit, you can configure it. For example, if you want it to go to 9999, that's 4 decimal position and you can specify it as [counter4] instead of [counter]. You can specify any number of decimal places greater than zero this way. So hopefully, this plus the new version 3.9.8 will solve all the problems you've encountered.
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