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IOS Mojave

Posted: 10.05.2019 16:08
by gto
i just updated to mojave. there were no problems under el capitain.
now i found two issues

i noticed a strange conflict between my cardreader and helicon remote.
in mojave helicon remote doesn´t work when my lexar flash/sd-cardreader is plugged into a usb-port (no card needed). everytime i move the curser the curser turns to the colored wheel. when the card reader is unplugged i have not that problem.

another issue is that the enlargment while focusing always jumps to the left top corner and not to the expected crop. no chance to focus on the right point.

any ideas how to fix it?

Re: IOS Mojave

Posted: 20.05.2019 20:35
by Catherine
Are you running Helicon Remote 3.9.8 ? (you can check the version number in the window title)
There was such a problem with zoom-in, but it's been fixed a long time ago and we're not observing it any more. If it is 3.9.8, please reproduce the problem (zoom into some othre area and observe it jump into an unexpected spot), then send a bug report (menu -> Help -> Report a bug).
As for card readers: we have not heard about this problem yet. It could be that in 10.14 card readers have been made available to Photos and other photography applications through the same framework as digital cameras, that would somewhat explain what you're observing (especially if there is some other program running that's also detecting and checking this card reader periodically - conflict between the two programs is usually what causes the stutter like you're observing).

Re: IOS Mojave

Posted: 22.05.2019 12:18
by gto
thank you for the reply.

i replaced the card reader and the problem with the colored wheel is gone.

the problem with zooming exists with version 3.9.8 M
i sent a bug report