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Nikon Image STorage on camera card

Posted: 14.06.2019 03:36
by RockvilleBob
Is there an option to have the images taken using Helicon Remote stored in a Nikon D500 using the "native" file architecture of the Nikon camera?
I am using an Android to do focus stacking in the field and process all the images on a Windows desktop in my home office. Transferring photo files from a XQD card is much easier than transferring files from the Android device.
I appreciate your help pointing me to an Android tablet that allows direct connection with the D500. Now I just need some help keeping the files in the camera on the XQD card.
Bob Bryer

Re: Nikon Image STorage on camera card

Posted: 19.06.2019 00:25
by Catherine
You just need to open the Preferences dialogue (File → Preferences or CTRL + ALT + P on Windows / Mac, cog wheel button on Android) , find the group of settings called Image Saving (or just "Saving" on Android) and set the values for Download JPEG images after shooting, Download RAW images after shooting, and Download movies after recording to "Leave in camera" or "Copy to computer" (in the latter case the images will be saved both on camera memory card and on the computer's or mobile device's storage).

Re: Nikon Image STorage on camera card

Posted: 19.06.2019 14:00
by RockvilleBob
Thank you Catherine.