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What is limited in Helicon Remote

Posted: 15.07.2019 10:37
by harveyclayton
I am using the demo version and it detects my camera (D3s) and I can get results using manual mode. In automode I save the nearest focus and the farthest focus but when I try to use the Focus Control the only choice is 'Highlight focused area' which works fine. I cannot check the DOF preview option nor can I get the focus to change by selecting the small or big step towards the camera or towards infinity. Also there is an hourglass icon always on and I cannot exit the program. Are these features not available in the demo mode? I have tried my D3s and D300 camera and the result is the same. The camera is in manual mode and when I change the f-stop or shutter speed I can see the effect immediately.

Re: What is limited in Helicon Remote

Posted: 19.07.2019 15:12
by Catherine
DOF preview is for Canon cameras only.
The hourglass is a strong indication of a conflict with other software that also attempts to access the camera, try to find and terminate that software. Another possibility is that the USB cable is faulty or connector is loose, but that's less likely.
The focus step buttons may not be working for the same reason, or it could be that the currently selected autofocus settings are wrong - make sure AF is enabled on the lens, and that the camera is set to the most basic AF-S mode.

Re: What is limited in Helicon Remote

Posted: 24.07.2019 08:33
by emillypaulinoz
Thank you for sharing …. very useful information.