Helicon Remote with MLU

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Helicon Remote with MLU

Post by drnmr » 02.08.2019 17:54

I am using a Canon 6D with a 180 mm macro and the latest firmware and latest Helicon Remote. I would like to use mirror lock up (MLU) and control the delay between steps to allow the camera to stabilize prior to opening the shutter. With MLU turned on on the camera, I see that MLU is on in the Helicon window. After hitting the Start button, I see that MLU is turned off in the status panel at the bottom of the window. The sounds that I hear for each shot indicates that the mirror is moving and not staying up. The delay for MLU that I set in the Preferences panel has no effect. Is there a way that I can either keep MLU on during a series, or activate the MLU delay?

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Re: Helicon Remote with MLU

Post by Catherine » 07.08.2019 22:56

Could you please reproduce the problem and send us a bug report: main menu Help > Report a bug...

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