What Speed to expect?

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What Speed to expect?

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I am planning to buy a camera especially for Helicon and Timelapse Macro Shooting. Flowers or pine cones opening for example, as well as slowly rotating macro objects I plan to integrate into 3D Animations and Art.

Canon 1500D (max. 3 pics/sec)
Canon EOS 800D (max. 6 pics/sec)
Nikon 3500D (max. 5 pics/sec)

So which camera to choose? Does the image rate matter at all? I think jpg should be enough for timelapse. No raws. Will Helicon be able to refocus 3 or 6 times a second? And take multiple images a second? Will matter when I shoot stacks with 100 images...

Started an other thread here: https://www.dslr-forum.de/showthread.php?p=15563598&posted=1#post15563598

One option for an objective would be: " Bei Canon empfiehlt sich dann das EF-S 55-250 STM in Verbindung mit Deiner Raynox 250D." It's german but the important info can be read ;)

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Re: What Speed to expect?

Post by Catherine »

We don't support the Nikon 3x00 series. And no, unfortunately remote shooting is not possible at the burst rate, so the speed doesn't matter. The best we can get is about 3 seconds between shots (NOT 3 shots per second).
Not sure if we can give recommendations as for the camera choice, there're plenty of factors to be taken into account.
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