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What Speed to expect?

Posted: 03.08.2019 14:59
by AufKusntKurs

I am planning to buy a camera especially for Helicon and Timelapse Macro Shooting. Flowers or pine cones opening for example, as well as slowly rotating macro objects I plan to integrate into 3D Animations and Art.

Canon 1500D (max. 3 pics/sec)
Canon EOS 800D (max. 6 pics/sec)
Nikon 3500D (max. 5 pics/sec)

So which camera to choose? Does the image rate matter at all? I think jpg should be enough for timelapse. No raws. Will Helicon be able to refocus 3 or 6 times a second? And take multiple images a second? Will matter when I shoot stacks with 100 images...

Started an other thread here:

One option for an objective would be: " Bei Canon empfiehlt sich dann das EF-S 55-250 STM in Verbindung mit Deiner Raynox 250D." It's german but the important info can be read ;)


Re: What Speed to expect?

Posted: 07.08.2019 22:59
by Catherine
We don't support the Nikon 3x00 series. And no, unfortunately remote shooting is not possible at the burst rate, so the speed doesn't matter. The best we can get is about 3 seconds between shots (NOT 3 shots per second).
Not sure if we can give recommendations as for the camera choice, there're plenty of factors to be taken into account.