Storing multiple pre-written shooting sequences

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Storing multiple pre-written shooting sequences

Post by Andy1 » 03.08.2019 22:11

HR seems very capable, I've only used it a few times so far but ran into one limitation. The tablet must be connected to a live camera to be able to enter the sequence of shots I want to take. If I do enter them and disconnect or switch off the camera, that sequence is gone. When this occurred I had set up the camera for a night shot that would start as the Moon rose, but didn't have time to re-enter the sequence in the dark with the mosquitoes, when it was about time to start.

So a nice new feature would be the ability to enter shooting sequences or scripts, and save them under different names. Then when the camera is connected, the sequence could be loaded and executed.

This might be done by having a button to click to "remember this camera" and you could save whatever information HR needs about that camera to work in offline mode, or perhaps under the Tools or Settings menu, select which of all the known cameras is "my camera".

Another way might be to require the camera to be connected when sequences are created and stored; the file would then contain information you have read from the camera to identify it (model and firmware type is what you check, I suppose). When the file is reloaded later, you could check if this file does apply to the camera and if the sequence can be used. This method would allow me to plug in my 5D or 7D, write and save sequences (with "5D" or "7D" in the filename to identify it), and when HR loads the sequence it could use it, or pop up a message saying the sequence was not written for the presently connected camera.


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Re: Storing multiple pre-written shooting sequences

Post by Catherine » 07.08.2019 23:02

We thought about this, it comes up every now and then, but I'm not sure it can solve any actual problems. If the camera disconnects mid-shooting, it's usually a sign of some trouble outside Helicon Remote, so I'm not sure if it makes sense to try to mitigate it on our end.
What settings would you like to see preserved, specifically?

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