Disappointment with company service

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Disappointment with company service

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I am very disappointed that after renewing my license for Helicon I found that Helicon Remote will not work with my new Nikon d850 and iPhone. I expect a professional organization to make it very clear that it's product will not function with commonly used professional equipment. I also expect to hear something better from the company than something similar to "we don't have a Nikon d850, so we can't figure it out". I will be hard pressed to recommend this software to any of my colleagues, or students.
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Re: Disappointment with company service

Post by Catherine »

First of all, we're sorry about your disappointment with our product and service. However, it's not because of us not having possiblity to test it on D850, but because it was not technically possible to support this camera. The firmware made activating Wi-Fi way too complicated for apps other than the official Snapbridge.

There has even been an open letter to Nikon to "unlock" Wi-Fi for other applications: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/4190254
This is the reason for Nikon D5600, D850 and one more camera body not to be listed as Wi-Fi-compatible with Helicon Remote (https://www.heliconsoft.com/supported-cameras/).
Nikon released an update later this summer lifting this limitation, and now these cameras should work with Helicon Remote. We've made the necessary changes to support these cameras and published an update for all operating systems that lets you use these cameras with Remote. But I don't feel it's been tested sufficiently to announce official support. We won't claim support for these cameras until we're dead certain it's actually flawless, I believe it's more professional than the other way round.

Bottom line: please follow the guide for Nikon cameras with built-in Wi-Fi, and you should get your D850 working. To view the guide, run Helicon Remote on your iOS device, tap "Select a camera", then (?), select the section for Nikon cameras with built-in Wi-Fi unit. But before that, make sure you have the latest firmware installed, otherwise it won't work. Please visit Nikon website for firmware downloads and instructions on updating it (https://downloadcenter.nikonimglib.com/en/download/fw/325.html)
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