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D500 Nikon

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Posting a new thread as this has come out of another post

Only after purchase did I realise I was looking at a confusing table and the D500 was only listed for USB Android devices and the wifi was not supported.

That said, a recent post on the forum was met with a response from Helcicon that since Nikon unlocked the wifi of the D500 / Snapbridge the software now actually worked and they were just about to update the table. Great, or so I thought

Unless by working you mean 2-3 minutes to connect in the first place as you wait hoping the thing connects before the camera wifi times out, then a 50/50 chance anything will respond on the app is less than what you might consider supported.

But all this is imaterial as its then 100% failure when you press take picture / quick preview or anything like that when you are met with nothing further than a time out message after a couple of minutes and when you choose to wait longer nothing but a frozen live view and hung app. I gave up after 15 minutes!

D500 with FW Screen showing latest afaik:

Latest IOS 13.x on an Iphone, X Ipad Mini and IPAD Pro - all much the same result.
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