Bulb mode, even when not supported

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Bulb mode, even when not supported

Post by trangtrainam »

There is only one reason that I have to use another app, from one of your competitors, instead of HR. That is when my camera is not physically accessible during shooting, and I have to control the camera settings 100 % from the app.

I know that Bulb is not supported over usb on my Nikon D7000, but please let me set Bulb mode when LiveView is not active. I would like to frame & focus my target etc via LiveView with 1/30 sec, and when I am ready to shoot I would just stop LiveView, set Bulb and start shooting (with the serial trigger cable, not via usb).

That is the way I work with the other app, and it works great. But I would still prefer to work with HR if it only was possible.
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Re: Bulb mode, even when not supported

Post by Catherine »

I'm not sure why it's not possible to do that right now. Is there no B mode on the list of exposure modes when you turn live view off? Or is it there, but you cannot select it? Can you select other modes? I would investigate this, but I don't think we have a camera equivalent to D7000 for testing.
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