HR not working anymore

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HR not working anymore

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I'm having big trouble using Helicon Remote 3.9.10 since a few weeks.
Not sure what happened - it's acting like crazy!

Connecting my camera (5D Mark IV) with USB-cable as usual, HR does not find the camera.
After restarting everything, sometimes HR recognizes the 5D, but does not switch to Live View.
All settings are set to standart.
HR often reacting very, very slow. For example I want to change the interval - it does take a few seconds for the window to appear.
But in the window, numbers that I type are not shown. I'm typing in a ghost window and using OK button seems to show no reaction, it does take some time again to go back and it's using the old interval amount.

I can't find any option to switch my HR to english language.
When I select 'About' it does show this screen:
But when I select 'Register' (Anmelden in german) it shows the same window.
I reinstalled HR, but it didn't change anything. Also I can't find a way to enter my serial number.

When I quit HR, it takes a few seconds to work.
I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S9.
What can I do? I didn't change anything to HR or my Phone.
One day I wanted to do a stack and it started failing on me. :(
Please help!

With best regards
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Re: HR not working anymore

Post by Catherine »

Hello, and sorry for taking too long to reply. Let me reply in order.

1. Unnaturally slow operation, to the point of the app freezing, which is what you've described, is a symptom of USB communication problems. This can have two possible causes:
a) a conflict with another camera-related app (e. g. Photos, Gallery, etc. You'll need to find and terminate that app). Connect the camera first, close any apps that launch automatically when a camera is detected, and only then run Helicon Remote;
b) a loose contact somewhere in the USB connectors (don't touch the cables / connectors while you're working with Remote and the camera is turned on), or a faulty cable (unlikely but possible).

2. The app assumes the language of the Android system. This is the default and recommended behavior for Android apps, enforced to an extent by Android itself. It is possible to override the language through somewhat hack-y code. It's on our to-do list and we want to implement arbitrary language selection, but it's a low priority task at the moment compared with other things that need to be done.

3. Your app is already registered, hence "Sign in" takes you directly to About where you can see that you have indeed already activated the app.
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