IPAD or android tablet

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IPAD or android tablet

Post by johnken » 24.02.2020 09:15

Which is the better option for doing remote capture, especially out in the field?

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Re: IPAD or android tablet

Post by Catherine » 27.02.2020 23:13

Android because it supports USB connection. iPad is limited to Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi can be unreliable or slow at times. This also limits the range of compatible cameras to those that have Wi-Fi, although lately it's pretty much all of them.

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Re: IPAD or android tablet

Post by fielderda » 08.03.2020 02:21

I've been using Helicon Remote in the field for quite a few years and it's fantastic.
I have a Canon 80D which I use on WIFI mode, an Android A6 tablet and can run many hours focus stacking wild flowers, mosses, lichens, etc.

The WIFI direct to the tablet is completely reliable and allows me to sit down out of the way of the camera while it's acquiring images.

I did use a cable a few times but found the WIFI worked perfectly well.

Hope this helps!

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