Nikon live view black (self corrected ?) :-)

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Nikon live view black (self corrected ?) :-)

Post by tkmcknight » 06.04.2020 03:16

UPDATE ... I'm not sure what has changed of the past 3 days ... but the app is WORKING AGAIN ... and I shot 4 stacks on Thursday April- 9- 2020
YAY ... :D :D :D

EDIT (I am using version 3.9.11) and I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the phone to see if that was an issue.

The connections all seem to occur correctly
Choose Camera CC_Nikon etc.
Camera changes to "PC"
All of the camera settings are shown in the HR window on Android (such as shutter speed, aperture, ISO)
When I press "LIVE VIEW" on android I can hear the mirror raise and lower but the LIVEVIEW window stays black

I checked with the Nikon WMU and live view transmits just fine to WMU ...

But in Helicon Remote the part of the window that should show live view stays BLACK

... this means I cannot focus 😞 ... I am able to take a photo stack ... but with no focus points the stack is useless
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Re: Nikon live view black (started working again by itself?)

Post by tkmcknight » 09.04.2020 05:58


I don't know what has changed ... I have been disappointed at no responses / reply by Helicon ...

And so tonight, as a follow up, I was going to get additional screen shots from my phone ... and the LIve View is WORKING AGAIN >>>????

I hope that it does not fail again ...

Is there some chance that the app auto updates from the web ... and a "Bug" was fixed in the time since I mad the original post???

Anyway ... the flower I wanted to photograph on my cactus has now faded :-( and I must find a new subject.

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