Nikon D4 focusing help!

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Nikon D4 focusing help!

Post by clinthulk2 » 14.04.2020 08:15

OK, backstory...just got this D4 for a smokin deal knowing it had a focusing problem...couldve been something simple or complicated...i took the gamble.

ill do my best to explain what ive found so far.

Did some lens calibration stuff with the center focus point activated and nothing helped. Mind you, live view is tack sharp ( i know this is a different focusing system compared to the viewfinder ) The lens back focuses consistently and with no help from af fine tune. So, i figured it might be the lens. ( This is the only auto focus lens i have right now coming from film...)

I was messing a bit taking pictures and noticed the viewfinder never clears up focusing to infinity, however, the pictures are still coming out sharp at infinity in playback. thought that was odd... and upon further inspection at infinity the bottom of the viewfinder is clear and the top is still fuzzy.

So. now, with that in mind i tried using different auto focus points and sure enough if i use either bottom corner or bottom row focus point the Af system works almost perfectly. If i use a top corner or top row the camera takes a completely out of focus picture. (examples in the link below)

Ive got a couple questions if someone is willing to help!

Did i stumble on to the problem with the Af system? If so, what exactly is happening/wrong? and lastly, is this something i can fix at home given the current world state? Id really love to use my camera.

hopefully i explained whats going on as clearly as possible. Any and all help is appreciated! thank you for reading!

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