Camera not connected

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Camera not connected

Post by jenskein » 27.04.2020 16:22

I downloaded the helicon remote app from Google play store onto my Huawei LYO- LO1 smart phone which has android version 5.1
I connected it using my data connection cable with a USB-OTG adapter and connected it to my Nikon D810 and a grey screen says camera is not detected so I connected it to my Nikon D700 and exactly the same thing. I have tried to check all is compatible but I am not sure what could be wrong. Is it the phone? Can you help?

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Re: Camera not connected

Post by Catherine » 02.05.2020 22:06

Please follow this guide, it consolidates our experience with this problem and with this guide we do our best to walk you through gathering more information about the problem and its likely causes. If it doesn't help you get the app working, please let us know.

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