Nikon D7500 connecting to Iphone

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Nikon D7500 connecting to Iphone

Post by IkeCan02 » 05.05.2020 16:17

Has anyone used Helicon Remote with a Nikon D7500? I read in the Helicon Remote app's version history that it should work see below:

Version 3.9.9
Aug 1, 2019

* Canon 250D supported.

* Nikon D7500, D500, D850 should now work with the recent firmware update, let us know about your experience with these cameras if you try it out (note we're not announcing official support for these cameras yet).

* UI layout problems fixed, especially on new iPhones, including the long-standing menu button bug.

* Numerous internal error fixes and improvements - things that you won't see, but the app should be more stable and reliable.

I am hopeful that the software is now compatible with the D7500

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