Suggested Histogram improvement

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Suggested Histogram improvement

Post by preseini » 09.05.2020 16:49

When using Helicon Remote for Android, Live view become jittery (laggy) when using the Histogram overlay. Clearly the app is dealing with either an over tasked processor, a limited USB bandwidth, or both.

Is it possible to give an option in settings, to scale down live view's resolution or size while using the Histogram? This might reduce the workload on the processor and allow for a higher frame rate while using the Histogram option.

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Re: Suggested Histogram improvement

Post by Catherine » 09.05.2020 21:28

We're aware of this problem, and we will see how we can improve it for the upcoming update. This is a CPU-intensive workload, and I should note it's particularly jittery on older devices, on recent mobile phones (even the lower-end, mainstream ones) it's not as noticeable, if at all. But still we'll try a couple optimizations, thanks for bringing it up. And I hope we'll manage to improve it without lowering the resolution or otherwise compromising on quality.

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