Helicon remote issue with D810 and Tamron 90 macro

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Helicon remote issue with D810 and Tamron 90 macro

Post by Onkas81 » 12.05.2020 17:53

I use Helicon remote android with Samsung Galaxy S9+ and OTG cable plugged my Nikon D810.
Everything is working fine until I launch the focus stacking process.
To explain :
- Helicon detects my D810
- Live view is perfect
- I can use arrows to define point A and Point B. I can see the focus is moving on the APP and on the Tamron AF display.

The issue :
When I click on "Start" Helicon begins to take several shots.
The AF display opn my Tamron isn't moving at all => I cans see on my Tamron that the meter/feet value isn't changing while taking shots.
After a while (sometimes 5-6 shots, sometimes 20 shots, seems to be random) the camera stops taking shots and Helicon stops on the current shot number.

NB : Everything is working fine (same configuration) with DLSRDashboard on my windows laptop.

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Re: Helicon remote issue with D810 and Tamron 90 macro

Post by Catherine » 19.05.2020 19:42

1. Make sure the camera is set to still photography mode, not video mode.
2. Make sure that the most basic single-shot AF mode is selected in the camera settings (no tracking / servo / AI / face detection etc.).
3. Make sure the physical AF switch both on the lens and the camera is set to AF (probably is since focus movement buttons work, as you said, but worth double-checking).

If this doesn't help, please reproduce the problem and send a bug report when shooting halts (menu - Feedback - Report a bug).

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