App crashes at first shutter release

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App crashes at first shutter release

Post by kerlsini » 17.06.2020 18:17

I got following issue: Helicon Remote (Free Version) crashes in the moment of the first shutter release. No way to bring it back to live until I finish the app and restart it.
The set up is:

The cofiguration is:
- Nikon D850
- Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro SM-T520
- Android Version 4.4.2
- Connection via USB

I wont buy a full version until this issue is solved.
best regards
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Re: App crashes at first shutter release

Post by Catherine » 17.06.2020 21:50

Please reproduce the crash, then restart the app. It should notify you about abnormal termination of the previous session and ask if you want to report a bug. Press "Yes" and proceed to send a bug report. Please fill in a brief description of the issue (e. g. "Crash on first shutter release") and make sure to specify a valid e-mail address through we can reply to you. Thanks for reporting the problem, and I'm sure we'll be able to solve it quickly once we see the details.

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