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Paul 12-4
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Toggle Live Screen Blurry

Post by Paul 12-4 » 01.08.2020 23:58

The toggle live screen is blurry and noisy, basically out of focus. How can I get this screen in focus?

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Re: Toggle Live Screen Blurry

Post by Catherine » 05.08.2020 12:53

It is showing you what the camera's sensor actually sees, so if it's out of focus - adjust focus using the "Autofocus" function in Helicon Remote, the focus adjustment buttons (<<<, <<, < / >, >>, >>>), or by rotating the focus ring manually (don't do that if you've already locked one or both of A/B focus points, though).

The amount of noise increases with higher ISO, so improving the lighting of your subject and reducing ISO should help.

If your camera is a Nikon - you're out of luck because Nikons have terrible live view and some amount of noise and blockiness will always remain.

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