D810 + Remote issues

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D810 + Remote issues

Post by nhdlux » 09.08.2020 05:17


Ive got a Nikon D810 with VR lens, shooting to a OSX laptop
Once i start the shooting process, the Camera times out while trying to send to PC.

Ive submitted a report via the program.

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Re: D810 + Remote issues

Post by Catherine » 09.08.2020 17:25

Sounds like the same problem as with your D90 so I'll quote the same recommendations.

Most likely, this is caused by a conflict with some other application that attempts to access the camera while Helicon Remote is already running (could even be Photos, or any app that can browse images on the camera's memory card, or any other remote control app). Could also be caused by unstable physical USB connection, e. g. a loose contact or a faulty cable. So you need to check for any possible culprit applications and terminate them, if the problem persists - reboot your Mac and try a different USB cable.

Also, make sure mirror lock-up is turned off in the camera body settings.

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