Canon 77D and iPhone 8 Plus

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Canon 77D and iPhone 8 Plus

Post by crypto » 09.08.2020 22:31

Keep trying to connect the camera and phone.

Has anyone been able to make the connection without clearing settings every single time? It would be nice to just connect to the wi-fi and select the camera on the phone. At this time on any reconnect once I select the camera, Remote indicates that Live Mode is not enabled. I can hear the camera open the shutter for live mode and at that time the camera shuts off wi-fi.

If anyone has any suggestions as to another way to configure both devices, it would be appreciated.

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Re: Canon 77D and iPhone 8 Plus

Post by Catherine » 26.08.2020 13:38

Do you have Canon Camera Connect installed? That is likely what's causing the problem by "stealing" the camera (connecting to it before Helicon Remote can), so I recommend uninstalling it at least temporarily until you figure out this problem. And if you have some other remote control app installed, that's what could be the cause.
Also, before you give it a try the next time, you need to clear the Wi-Fi settings in the camera menu and re-enable Wi-Fi.

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