All images focused to the same point

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All images focused to the same point

Post by SergeG »

Perhaps I am missing something, but the lack of clear instructions makes using this software impossible.
Equipment: Canon EOS 5D MIV | Canon EF 100mm f2.8/L Macro lens

Steps followed:
1) I set up the camera body according to the Helicon instructions
2) I run Helicon Remote and chose nearest and farthest focusing points.
3) I activate Live view on HR, I focus manually on the camera and set up the nearest focusing area - I repeat the same procedure for the farthest focusing area
4) If I try to set up the points through HR (Using the auto focus button), as soon as I chose the farthest point, the nearest one will get deleted automatically (even though it has been previously saved)
5) Set up all the other parameter in HR

The live view image in the software only shows the last focusing point/area I have selected. Clicking the left of right arrows does not make the software return to any of the other focusing points.

6) After shooting, ALL images are EXACTLY THE SAME.

I've tried different pavements and settings both in the camera and software, and always end up with a bunch of images focused to the same point.

I am testing the software before purchasing it, and after many hours of trying different things it seems impossible to make this work.

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Does this company provide telephone support??


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Re: All images focused to the same point

Post by wake689 »

I had a similar problem - I have the same camera and lens as you.

I hadn't realised that after setting the near point you have to use the blue chevrons in the HR software focus bracketing section to focus tothe far point before clicking on the B button.

I don't know about telephone support but they hve been helping me out with an issue via email and me sending bug reports from within the software and they sent me one email on Good Friday and one on Easter Monday - I have found them very responsive and helpful so far.
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Re: All images focused to the same point

Post by mrose »

If you go to "help" in the program/app you will get the complete instructions. They are very comprehensive. As has been pointed out by wake689 the auto focus can be used to set the first near or far points but then the chevrons are used to set the end focus point manually. The steps will be calculated but you will have to calibrate your lens/ aperture first (see the help file). Another user with the same lens may be able to save you the effort.
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Re: All images focused to the same point

Post by SmoothGlide »

You need to set the 100 mm lens to Full and AF
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