Alternate rotation during shootoing

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Alternate rotation during shootoing

Post by SergeG »

I set up my camera parallel to the table top in landscape mode. I run a series of 10 shots and between 3 to 5 shoots are rotated automatically to portrait mode during shooting which makes them useless for stacking. I've tried several times, and always the same issue.

Equipment used: Canon 5D MIV w/ EF 100mm f/2,8L macro lens
Mac OS 10.15.7 (Catalina)

Any suggestion?


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Re: Alternate rotation during shootoing

Post by Catherine »

This means that the camera body's orientation sensor was unable to reliably detect if the camera is in portrait or landscape orientation. Indeed, this happens most often when the camera is pointing downwards (which is neither landscape nor portrait position). To solve the problem, please either disable auto-rotation in the camera body menu, or mount the camera at less extreme angle to horizon so that the sensor may work correctly.
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Re: Alternate rotation during shootoing

Post by lnicole »

Ah, I just posted this question as well! I'm shooting down. I didn't know there was an auto-rotation in the camera menu. I have the Canon 5D MK III. Solved. :-)
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