trinamic step size

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trinamic step size

Post by hhuijbre »

I have coupled a trinamic stepper motor to the fine focusing knob of my Leica microscope. One complete turn of the knob is equivalent to 2 micrometer. I would like to have focusing steps of 1 micrometer. To which values do I have to adjust "size of focusing steps" in the Helicon Remote Trinamic preferences screen?

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Re: trinamic step size

Post by Catherine »

It's a simple calculation based on how many microsteps per revolution your Trinamic controller is set to. For TMCM-1141 it's 51200 microsteps/revolution. So, you want your single step to equal half a turn = 51200/2 = 25600. Go to Helicon Remote preferences - Trinamic, set the step unit to microsteps and step size to 25600.

Or even simpler: set the step unit to degrees and step size to 180 (half a turn).

Now your < / > buttons will be making 1 um steps, and the multipliers for <<<, << / >>, >>> are adjustable in Helicon Remote preferences - Shooting.
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