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Newbie question

Post by stuartbyrd »

Hi there, I am wondering if there's any possibility of bulb ramping being included as a feature in this app. Is it possible?
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Re: Newbie question

Post by Catherine »

That's an interesting suggestion, there is currently no direct support for time-lapse shooting with exposure auto-adjustment, and, in fact, I'm not sure how such support could be implemented well. But we have two suggestions on achieving this with the current version of Helicon Remote.

1. Set the camera to automatic exposure (either pure auto, or by using M / A / S mode with auto ISO). The camera has sophisticated exposure metering functions and exposure calculation algorithms, taking advantage of that is smart - software won't be able to do this as well as the camera does.

2. Use exposure bracketing (which can indeed be combined with time lapse in Helicon Remote). This is more of a brute-force workaround for the task, but it could work very well. You can select the single exposure that works best, or you can HDR-merge the shots and tune for the desired exposure (and you might want to shoot in HDR anyway). For low light shots you would also reduce the noise through multi-exposure processing.
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