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Missing images

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I usually save my images to an external SSD and defined the path in the preferences of Helicon Remote. Today I forgot to connect the SSD to my laptop, started the imaging session twohundred-something exposures, that Helicon Remote didn't save them. In a tiny status line at the bottom of the screen it said "2021.05.21_001 0 files saved". It didn't complain about the missing SSD. Please tell me that I am overlooking something and that the files are stored somewhere else. Anyway, please add a warning routine in the software if the default path cannot be found.

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Re: Missing images

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Hello Ernst,

I'm afraid the images are gone, there is no fallback location for storage when the primary location cannot be accessed. Implementing such fallback sounds like a good idea, I'm adding this to our to-do list.

Every time an image fails to save (which means once per every image shot) there is a pop-up warning message in the bottom right corner. The message goes away after a while, it sounds like you've missed all of them. We have only recently realized this problem exists, and the new beta versions of Helicon Remote display a proper blocking error message that you can't miss.
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