Sony A6600

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Sony A6600

Post by Desim »

good day for years I have enjoyed using your software now I have sold my stuff and bought a sony A6600 this software also works with this camera?
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Re: Sony A6600

Post by Catherine »


thank you for your post.

This camera body is not supported now neither in release version, nor in beta.

Not sure if we will be able to support it in the future. We'll investigate this, but can't give a guarantee now. Needs to be studied further.

Thank you.
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Re: Sony A6600

Post by Sithrandil »

I would like to add a vote for the related Sony 6400... hopefully if you manage one of the 6x00 series, some of the others should be possible too.

They are nice little cameras which produce good images, but the Sony remote software is poor. Tethering via USB is currently possible for focus stacking, but very cumbersome... and nothing is possible via wifi / phone apps.
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