Unnecessary delay between shots?

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Unnecessary delay between shots?

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I'm using a Nikon Z5 with Helicon Remote (4.1.4), but I'm sort having an issue with long shooting times. I tried to change settings that I thought could have some affect, but there seems to be a delay of 5 seconds between each shot that I can't avoid. If I activate burst shooting (with no focus change), there is no delay between the shots. So in a way I see that the software can make my camera fire of the shots rapidly for this function. The Nikon specific settings under Preferences doesn't have the same delay setting like Canon. Are there some limitations with Nikon cameras or is this a setting that could be added?

I may have an unusual need, but I take a lot of images of objects on a turntable for photogrammetry (generating 3D models from images). In a typically case I take 108 images around an object, which is multiplied by the needed focus stacking shots. So these 5 seconds really adds up...

So for the developers, can this be improved?
And for other users with other cameras, what is your delay between shots?
I just upgraded from a D7100, where the mirror flipped between each shot even though I used Live view. I thought a mirror less camera would speed up the process, but it seems like no change at the moment.
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