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Non Focus stepping partially solved

Posted: 29.10.2009 15:18
by BrianS

partially good news.

I discovered that if you have mirror lock up enabled, then HR in Auto mode:

- does not perform the focus steps
- writes the first image to the PC - the rest to the card on the camera

OK so easily fixed by turning off Mirror lockup - however in Manual shot mode, the focus steps are still not performed.

I assuming that once I have set the nearest-farthest points, returned to nearest, then click new stack, then on each click of Take Picture , HR should move a focus step?

If so, it isn't working - or am I supposed to manually perform the focus step as well?


Posted: 03.11.2009 15:15
by Stas Yatsenko

We will send a new version of HR to your e-mail

Thanks Stas

Posted: 03.11.2009 15:46
by BrianS

I'll check it out ASAP after it arrives.