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Memory error with Remote

Posted: 30.10.2009 19:47
by ExB53
I was very excited seeing the remote function in the latest release. As I am in the middle of a project using Helicon Focus, I installed it immediately.

I can control my D700, I can see the live image and I can fix the min and max distances.

But if I start the shooting sequence, only 1 image is taken and stored. Then the prgram stops with a message like "access violation at .... Read of address ...." and needs to be shut down.

I am running Vista32 with all patches. Any idea ?


Posted: 02.11.2009 15:05
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the feedback. We will try to reproduce the problem with Nikon D300 tomorrow. Please try to make one one shot (Take picture). And we would appreciate a remote_control.log file after you got error message. This file is located in the folder with HeliconRemote.exe

Maybe the same prob as my Canon 50D

Posted: 02.11.2009 15:09
by BrianS
Hi ExB53,

just a long shot, but I discovered that if I still had mirror lock up set on my Canon, then HR did exactly what you describe (I mentioned it in a recent post).

You might also have another custom setting that the camera would ignore in Live View mode, but upsets HR (this is the case with mirror lockup as the camera does this anyway in live view).

I think the lads have come up with a fine product here, I'm sure they'll iron out the little problems.

Already it is superior to the Canon remote product for shooting stacks.


Helicon Remote

Posted: 03.11.2009 11:56
by ExB53
Thank for the reply.

I renamed the old Log File to *.old, thinking that there will be automatically a "fresh" generated. But it did not. So I attach the old one, with my tests prior ro the post here.

Today I did two test (after resetting the camrea tofactory defaults): 1st with Single Shot mode and 2nd with continuous shooting mode. the generated an internal error (screenshot 1) and the 2nd had the access violatiob (screen 2). So there seem to be an dependency on camera settings. But I am not at all a software guy.

How can I send the text and image files to you. I am not able to attach files from here ?


Re: Helicon Remote

Posted: 03.11.2009 14:24
by Stas Yatsenko
ExB53 wrote: How can I send the text and image files to you. I am not able to attach files from here ?
You can send it to