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Canon 5D (not MK II) - HR Support

Posted: 16.12.2009 15:46
by knandyal
Hello there.

It looks like with HR you have nailed a great need. I did read that it supports Canon cameras that has the "Live View" feature. But does it support *only* those cameras? Is Canon 5D supported, even if some of the HR features are degraded.


Re: Canon 5D (not MK II) - HR Support

Posted: 17.12.2009 13:58
by Stas Yatsenko
We have not tested the program with 5D. The problem is that only cameras with Live View allow remote control over the lens. So the main feature of Helicon Remote (focus bracketing) will not work with 5D. But we do plan to add support for external steppers and this will allow usage of older cameras and lens without autofocus.