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Focus Stacking shot time interval

Posted: 14.01.2010 14:04
by chrisjbzero
I am using a Canon 40d + EF 100mm macro and off-camera flashes triggered wirelessly. I would like to take 30 images but the time interval between shots is too short to allow the flash heads to fully recharge. Is there anyway to set the time interval beween shots in HR. Maybe this feature could be added? I could take the shots manually but then I would lose the auto focus stepping function which is one of the great features of HR. Thanks Chris.

Re: Focus Stacking shot time interval

Posted: 16.01.2010 15:17
by BrianS
Hi Chris,

there is a specific setting for this in Preferences, I use the following ( for 50D with studio flash and 2 x 580 EX II ).

Pause for Flash recharge 3 secs
Pause between focus steps 300 ms
Auto Focus time N/A
Exposure preview 1 sec (the minimum as it is not relevant to auto shooting)

Under the Canon Tab, Disable Live View during shooting - Yes

This will add up to about a 5- 6 sec spacing - if you use 2400 ma NiMH batteries this should be plenty.

Now I should note that my 580's typically are only at 1/4 to 1/8 power, so the 50 odd shots I take pose no problem re over heating. I'm assuming you're shooting in manual - as ETTL is not advisable for stacked shots
If you're flash out put is more than 1/2 power - I suggest adding another 1-2 sec for Flash - mainly to avoid overheating the head. Your post doesn't mention which /whose flash you are using - not all have in built overheat protection and thus it is a good idea to take precautions.

Re: Focus Stacking shot time interval

Posted: 18.01.2010 16:40
by Stas Yatsenko
I think that I've read a post in this forum a couple of weeks ago that it is possible to use non-canon flashes without leaving Live View. But I can't find it now.

Re: Focus Stacking shot time interval

Posted: 19.01.2010 00:15
by BrianS
That's right Stas,

the OP discovered that if , in Live View Function Settings, you set Silent shoot to 'disable' then this allows flash to be triggered via the hot shoe with a non Canon flash or (more importantly) with a remote flash trigger. Haven't tried it myself yet.