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Windows Vista and H Remote

Posted: 09.01.2012 04:41
by sheudd
Hello there,
I purchased HF Pro a couple of weeks ago and have been extremely pleased with the outcomes of your stacking program, :D Alas however, HRemote refuses to operate for me :( For the first test, the program opened and it seemed I could use all the camera controls. I identified the start and stop position for an automatic stack then pressed capture. One photo was taken then the camera and PC froze. A "bugs notice" was sent to you. After restarting the computer, H Remote would not and still will not open. I am currently using Canon Utilities to manually collect picture stacks and loading them into H Focus which is working fine. I am using a Canon 7D and Windows Vista Ultimate on my laptop. The version of H Focus i purchased is 5.2.15 Pro.

Re: Windows Vista and H Remote

Posted: 09.01.2012 10:33
by Stas Yatsenko
It seems that Remote has some kind of incompatibility with Windows Vista. We are investigating this problem, but we don't have a fix yet.

Re: Windows Vista and H Remote

Posted: 09.01.2012 10:51
by sheudd
Hi Stas,
Thanks for the input. I am realy looking forward to using H Remote. I find that Canon Utilities has certain limitations for this process. I am just one but I am sure there are a few more of us Vista users out there that may need help :wink:

Re: Windows Vista and H Remote

Posted: 21.01.2012 13:28
by ppenen

I have the same problem, I wanted to use Helicon remote with my laptop with Windows Vista and my Canon EOS. I am waiting a solution since last year, hope they fix the problem as soon as possible. Thanks.