Hyperfocal setting

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Re: Hyperfocal setting

Post by orac » 06.09.2013 21:23

So provide an insight, post a link to some info. The only equations i get are the ones i already have. If we are all here to learn it does no good just saying things with little or in this case nothing to back up the statement.

I have done some test measurement and all seem to indicate that every time i run the maths the DoF is pretty much spot on.

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Re: Hyperfocal setting

Post by D600vince » 07.09.2013 03:23

C'mon, googling "macro depth of field calculation" is beyond you ?

You really have some nerves, you didn't care to click the first link I gave you right of the bat, in which you'd have seen in 2 seconds that's it wasn't using hyperfocal at all, and you're telling me that I gave nothing to backup my statement… oh people !

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