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3.2.1 for Mac

Posted: 08.01.2014 21:33
by DerekHauffe
Hi, I'm using Helicon Remote for Mac (OS X 10.9.1). I was notified that there's an update, but I notice that the link leads to an .exe file. Is there a Mac version of the update available yet?

— Derek

Re: 3.2.1 for Mac

Posted: 09.01.2014 15:51
by Stas Yatsenko
I've just tested it, there's no such problem. The link is dmg. There might have been such a problem earlier, we were editing this text today.

Re: 3.2.1 for Mac

Posted: 09.01.2014 16:46
by DerekHauffe
Just tried again moments ago, and the link still points to an .exe.

Thanks for looking!

Re: 3.2.1 for Mac

Posted: 09.01.2014 16:54
by DerekHauffe
Despite the text link still pointing to an .exe file, the auto-download and update appear to have worked properly.

Thanks again!
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