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Focus Will Not Start Shooting

Posted: 31.01.2014 00:35
by slckellett
I do a focus and then set the closest and farthest points and the software will not start shooting. There is a little square dot on the start shooting button. Any suggestions? This is my first try. The software does take control of the camera.

Re: Focus Will Not Start Shooting

Posted: 31.01.2014 13:54
by Stas Yatsenko
I'm not sure what you mean, you didn't provide many details (like what operating system you're using - Mac, Windows or Android). Anyway, what you should have done instead of writing a forum post is go to menu -> Help -> Report a bug and send a bug report immediatel after the problem occurs (that is, before you restart Helicon Remote).
If you're on Mac - there's been an important update just now, make sure to go to Help -> Check for updates and download it.