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Canon 5DSR Focus shift

Posted: 29.11.2016 03:03
by markusson
I have used Focus remote with Canon 5d mark2 with good success, both with just a lens and in combination with extension tubes. I often have to stack images for products shots, not just macro shots.

Now using my new 5DSR and a new lens (24-70 2.8 L ii) focusing is off, way off. After setting my near and far focus points and starting the shooting sequence it usually does not quite get to the last set focus point. Does not matter if I start at A or B and go to Infinity or to camera. Then when going back into live View and looking at the near and far focus points they have both shifted.

I have attached two images that show the set focus points prior to shooting and then after. I had "Focused" clicked on to see the blue focus for clarity.
I made sure to clear all custom functions on camera and did whole camera reset. Deactivated the continuous focus and set it on single frame shoot and on FlexiZoneAF.

Please help.

Original Set A and B focus points
Focus points_Set Original.jpg
Focus points_Set Original.jpg (101.29 KiB) Viewed 3798 times
After shooting 1 stack reset focuspoints
Focus points_FR resets.jpg
Focus points_FR resets.jpg (112.38 KiB) Viewed 3798 times

Re: Canon 5DSR Focus shift

Posted: 29.11.2016 12:43
by Stas Yatsenko
Is it the same lens that you used with 5D Mk II?
Go to Helicon Remote preferences -> Canon and increase the pause between focusing steps significantly. Does it help?

Re: Canon 5DSR Focus shift

Posted: 29.11.2016 19:10
by markusson
It is a different new lens.

Increasing the pause does help and seems best at maximum 1000 ms. Still after shooting 2-3 focus stacks the focus drifts again.

Re: Canon 5DSR Focus shift

Posted: 30.11.2016 11:32
by Stas Yatsenko
One second should be more than enough for any lens to execute the movement. The remaining problems are most likely inherent to the mechanics of the lens. It wasn't designed for this kind of use. If there's slip or slack in the mechanism, it would make the lens hard to use with Remote, but it makes no matter for the regular use of the camera.