Normal room lighting

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Normal room lighting

Post by msnyder » 31.07.2017 20:37

So I am using HR in a normal room light setting and I cannot see anything in my live preview. I can see fine when using a light box, but anything else I have to either bump my ISO way up or my time way down. Even when using modeling lamps, i have to do the same thing, am I missing a setting somewhere, I have the live view turned off in the shooting preferences and also have exp simulation active. this is what my light meter said the settings are for the room and the live view is what it looks like
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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Normal room lighting

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 02.08.2017 10:17

Not sure. The only thing certain is that it's not a software problem on our part, you can make sure of that by unplugging the camera from PC and activating live view.
Try turning exposure simulation OFF.

David Edge
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Re: Normal room lighting

Post by David Edge » 25.09.2017 16:53

For what it's worth, in Live View you are looking through the lens at taking aperture. On Nikon at least you have to set the aperture to full open to have a chance of seeing what you're doing in room lighting.


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