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Galaxy Tab A connection

Posted: 31.12.2017 00:34
by fielderda
I've got a new Galaxy Tab A (Android 5.1.1) and connected it to my Canon 80D with a OTG adapter (attached)
OTG .png
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with the cable that came with the device. Helicon Remote doesn't recognize the camera.

When I use the cable that comes with my Canon 80D and use the other OTG adapter, then Helicon Remote recognizes my camera.

Here is the problem:

Helicon Remote on the Galaxy tablet controls all the functions of the camera BUT it doesn't show the Live preview on the tablet.
It only controls the LiveView on the camera. If I connect my camera to my laptop with a USB cable, LIveView on the camera is disabled while Helicon Remote is running and works as it should.

Any ideas?


Re: Galaxy Tab A connection

Posted: 01.01.2018 04:52
by fielderda
After playing around with my Galaxy Tab A tablet and my USB connect, I finally figured out the right steps to get the USB connect working:

- Turn on Camera (80D)
-Connect USB cable from Camera to tablet. (Connecting after can cause LiveView not to operate)
-Turn on Tablet
-Active Helicon Remote and wait until camera is recognized
-Focus stacking works just fine.

One BUG: If you click on Tools/Focus Stacking, a blue file folder appears. There doesn't seem to be a way to exit out of this window.

The only way is to reboot the tablet and start again. Stay away from this setting is my advice.

Hope this helps someone out.

Re: Galaxy Tab A connection

Posted: 01.01.2018 13:02
by mrose
You should see a "CLOSE" button at the bottom left.

Re: Galaxy Tab A connection

Posted: 03.01.2018 15:48
by Stas Yatsenko
There's that "Close" button as mrose points out, but either way, you shouldn't have to reboot the tablet, in the worst case you should be able to simply kill the app. So I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing here; perhaps, something in the app doesn't work on your tablet as expected. If this reply doesn't solve your problem, please share a screenshot (or simply a photo) of the screen while this is happening.